Friday, April 26, 2013

robots or unicorns....?

today has been marked on our calendar for weeks
the day we find out if we get a unicorn or a robot


as we all got into the car
bets were placed
guesses made
two votes for a girl
the other two, a boy

our sonographer is THE most delightful lady
she coos and sighs
at our baby as if it were her own 

perfect fingers and toes
perfect spine
perfect everything
that's all I wanted to hear
and then she asked

"do you want to know?"

think she already knew the answer
before we said it

and there it was
a clear view 

little miss dumpling

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

18 weeks - but who's counting?

18 weeks and 4 days
but who's counting?

into the second trimester now
not quite as exhausted
but i am thankful to be able to sneak in
an afternoon nap

people are starting to come up
rub my belly
like it will give them 
good luck

getting all manner of baby-related gear from lovely friends
a white bassinet was the first
i put it into our bedroom
and for a week
paul and i would stop dead in our tracks, startled, like deer in headlights
everytime we saw it

but we really are, happy

happy to have received the gift of life
happy that it already has the love of its big sister and brother
happy that just when we thought we had all our blessings counted
we got one more

we all get to find out this week
what our 'surprise' package will be
robots or unicorns?