Sunday, November 18, 2012

giveaway time...

it needs a name

paul has been in training for 
another marathon

looking for an alternative
to those sickly sweet, artificial energy gels

i created a snack with

raw cacao
organic honey
organic peanut butter
organic oats
kale powder
naked ginger
coconut oil
chia seeds
medjool dates

it was delicious, chocolatey, sweet, nutty and wholesome
perfect as an in between meals snack that satisfies you for longer
great for kids too - if nuts are not an issue

bonus: its all raw and no cooking is involved

post your suggestions for a name
the one we like best
will win a 250g bag of bars

good luck!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

road trip treasures...

i wasn't looking forward to the drive home
nearly 3 hours of dreary
lifeless bitumen

i asked my dear friend and gelorup (bunbury, western australia) local
if there were any places i should try and catch on my way home

she told me about a quaint shop and cafe in a chapel
ten minutes drive in the opposite direction
of my journey

i decided to take a punt
off to boyanup i went

and i was delighted with what i found

a surprise find in the tiny town of boyanup, western australia
french country-inspired homewares and clothing
filled the bright and airy interior
of what used to be 
a church

jo, the owner
started the business just over a year ago
and hasn't looked back
travellers come from everywhere
just to stop by
and enjoy a cafe au lait and macaron
should they fancy

i enjoyed a buttery vanilla cupcake
one of a selection of baked goodies
made by Jo's friend

frenchy stuff..heaven!

be sure to pop by the next time you are heading to the south west
 (or heading to the big smoke)

you will find them  at
33 South Western Highway

heading northbound
i passed a few gorgeous little towns
this one was one of my favourites
brunswick junction

driving through i caught sight of
the original
peters creameries

its dairy country here
beautiful hills
and references to cows EVERYWHERE


my final stop was in the old logging town of

as i cruised through the town i spied
a small but well stocked
antique shop

vintage cutlery
it was a steal
i just love them

i guess my trip home wasn't so dreary, after all

bearded bards ahoy!...

jack carty & josh pyke

this weekend i drove 200kms to bunbury
to catch a 30 minute set

if thats not dedication
i don't know what is

i went with my friends Natalie and Steve
who had never heard of either singers

we dined at the venue where they would be performing
almost empty when we arrived
we asked to be seated
and of all the empty tables we could have had
they seated us right NEXT to josh and jack
i nearly fainted

josh cast a glance my way as we approached
probably noticing my ukelele hanging off me
probably worrying i would try and ask to jam with them
probably thinking '..of all the empty tables they could have had..."

i could not bring myself to even look at them as we ate
much less say hello

josh is better known
but i was really there for jack

a fresh faced sydney-sider

with a big vocal range
and voice that just pulls you in

his latest offering "break your own heart"

has been playing non-stop since i got it three weeks ago

have a listen 
if you like

Thursday, November 8, 2012

burnside organic farm...

walking up the driveway i catch sight of 
some large and content chooks
strutting about and digging for grubs
the way nature intended

and before that the large organic and biodynamic vege garden
bursting with life

tuscan cabbage
rainbow chard
giant beetroot bulbs
garlic chives
passionfruit vines

all ready to be picked and eaten

the clever folk at Burnside Organic Farm
also produce commercial crops of

zinfandel wine

on arrival we were given some freshly laid, still warm, free range eggs
we set about harvesting some gorgeous greens, herbs, beetroot and carrots

and feasted on a lunch that was every bit as nourishing as it was scrumptious

think a big herby frittata
sauteed kale and silver beet
crisp salad of lettuce with grated beetroot and carrot dressed with
honey from their nine hives, and 
unfiltered, freshly pressed olive oil from their neighbours

the vegetarian in our family declared it the best meal that had ever passed his lips

besides all that we were inspired by their self sufficiency and passion for organic produce
and are now planning our humble vege patch at home and how we can produce more for ourselves

the kids played and laughed and explored to their heart's content
they fed the frisky pigs
 dexter cows and their calves
noticed all the little things

and muddy puddles

oh yes
they loved the muddy puddles

plans are already in the making to return

anaconda adventure...

last weekend the four of us
travelled to our state's south west
in search of an adventure race

just for the kids

and it was AWESOME

they ran

and ran approximately 4.5 kilometres through an obstacle course of hills, beach, slippery slides, nets and water

they were rewarded at the end with a shiny medal and hot chips

what more could a kid want?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

paradise found...

after a tumultuous few months
i decided to treat myself to some time out
my friend Danielle came along
it was her first overseas holiday in 12 years

we decided to spend 7 days in that island paradise of Bali
less than four hours away by plane

how do i begin to describe our time there?

just see for yourself


The Royal Beach Seminyak Resort

Puri Sunia Resort, Ubud

Creating original silver jewellery with a master silversmith, Mr Wayan Sunarta

Art and culture ::: history ::: tradition 

new friends ::: risking on purpose!