Saturday, November 10, 2012

bearded bards ahoy!...

jack carty & josh pyke

this weekend i drove 200kms to bunbury
to catch a 30 minute set

if thats not dedication
i don't know what is

i went with my friends Natalie and Steve
who had never heard of either singers

we dined at the venue where they would be performing
almost empty when we arrived
we asked to be seated
and of all the empty tables we could have had
they seated us right NEXT to josh and jack
i nearly fainted

josh cast a glance my way as we approached
probably noticing my ukelele hanging off me
probably worrying i would try and ask to jam with them
probably thinking '..of all the empty tables they could have had..."

i could not bring myself to even look at them as we ate
much less say hello

josh is better known
but i was really there for jack

a fresh faced sydney-sider

with a big vocal range
and voice that just pulls you in

his latest offering "break your own heart"

has been playing non-stop since i got it three weeks ago

have a listen 
if you like

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