Wednesday, November 7, 2012

paradise found...

after a tumultuous few months
i decided to treat myself to some time out
my friend Danielle came along
it was her first overseas holiday in 12 years

we decided to spend 7 days in that island paradise of Bali
less than four hours away by plane

how do i begin to describe our time there?

just see for yourself


The Royal Beach Seminyak Resort

Puri Sunia Resort, Ubud

Creating original silver jewellery with a master silversmith, Mr Wayan Sunarta

Art and culture ::: history ::: tradition 

new friends ::: risking on purpose! 


  1. did you notice our expressions, there was "relaxed smiling" and "this is so much fun smiling", "this food is so yum smiling" and the "how lucky are we smiling" ahh good times