Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers Day Musings...

Every year on Mother's Day for the past five years, I have risen early to join thousands of others in a charity walk/run to raise funds and raise awareness for breast cancer. 
As I run, I think of all those who no longer can or who are still battling this awful disease.
Its became my tradition, and makes the ensuing feasting that awaits me at home afterwards, all the more rewarding!
A High Tea feast prepared by my wonderful man. We had: Macarons of every colour and flavour!; dainty sandwiches, little meringue 'kisses' and Paul's special chocolate 'cake' studded with pistachios, turkish delight and pecans, all washed down with the finest tea. Girlie heaven.

I hope to look as youthful as my gorgeous Mum does when I'm her vintage!

Macaron madness: Rose, Violette, Mango,  Vanilla, Raspberry, Pistachio.  Drool.

And so our afternoon passed in a haze of nibbling and sipping;
The kids came and went with their little friends from down the street;
I napped;
We nibbled some more.

Happy Days.


  1. That sounds like heaven! And a run before-hand is just the thing to get the appetite up!

    1. Exactly! And justifies (in my mind, at least) scoffing extra macarons! x