Sunday, September 2, 2012

nature's riot

every year we wait patiently for spring
heralding new life
a bit of colour injected into the landscape

the amazing range of wildflowers
that spring (pun intended) up
dazzle with their intense

the ones i like are usually
non-descript and tiny
the thrill is spotting something in amongst the show-offs

kings park is the place to be
over the next couple of months

i get boring whenever we head out there
as the fancy camera comes out and gets a good workout

everlastings are my favourite...

whats yours?


  1. I'm loving your photos lately es. so alive and popping with colour!!!

    rachel ox

    1. Thanks Rach. Bit of random fiddling with apertures, f-stops etc. Don't ask me what, just button mashing ;-) I like it too! p.s. I have been thinking of you heaps as I've been listening to a lovely Sydney duo, The Falls. Not sure if its the name, or the lady singer who is a dead ringer for you. Check it out, think you might like it. xo

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