Friday, May 17, 2013

our mothers day...

usually starts early. 
the kids are so excited to give me their presents they can barely wait till the sun rises.
blurry-eyed, i summon up all the cheer i can muster
(i am NOT a morning person)
and we all open my gifts and read their hand-made cards

my eyes welled up
they had written such beautiful words
brimming with so much heartfelt love
that the room was almost aglow with it

they scamper off to make me a cup of tea in my favourite
china cup
and a slice of delicious, buttery pannetone...

the day is full of promise

paul has been charged with the task of making
beetroot gnocchi with kale pesto for our lunch
the beetroot gnocchi with kale pesto was a ripper

lily flipping out her wobbly and perfectly luscious lemon pannacotta

all the impossibly youthful mum, who
lives to dote on us all.
she is truly inspiring and selfless
i hope to be much like her someday.
i love you mum.


  1. Ooh es, the food is so interesting in your household. Good work Paul and lily too. Xd

    1. Hello Lovely! I am SO thrilled you started your blog. Its so fun and such a nice way to tell everyone about that great thrift shop find or awesome cake in a nondescript corner cafe. ;-)