Thursday, July 18, 2013

what we've been up to...

time seems to be speeding up
and i can't seem to keep up

we are nearing the end of our winter school holidays
its been relatively quiet

 we have retreated mainly to the kitchen
they have had cooking classes here
and baking up a storm at home

decorating cake pops. i was secretly relieved this was not my kitchen.


lily loves to cook
and has been working on spaghetti and meatballs
from scratch
yes, even the pasta
although recently she declared she was going to be a vegetarian
like her dad
but the lure of a succulent, flavoursome meatball was too much
to resist
making muffins that will later become cake pops 

we also spent time with my god-daughter mia
a headstrong and sweet 4 year old
this gave lily and sean the chance to experience having a little sister around
they quickly worked out that while she was very cute
they were not sure they could endure watching the wiggles or play la-la-loopsy dolls 
for too long

decorating cookies is quite an art. mia is a natural.

dumpling has not exactly been sentient, either
at 30 weeks 
i am still marvelling at this being inside
its been a journey of learning for all of us
i thought carrying child number three would be much the same
but this time around
i have been able to be fully present and observant


no one is more excited than i
after an early struggle to accept that our newly minted 
travel and life plans were going off the course we'd charted
(and we plan EVERYTHING to within an inch of its life)
i simply can't wait to hold her in my arms

paul has been busy painting and repairing and constructing
it still feels strange
when we look at the freshly painted nursery that used to function as a 
store room filled to the brim with hoarded bits
i guess it will serve a much better purpose soon


  1. Looking great Est! Hope you are feeling well too.

    Seems Lily is following in her mum's foodie footsteps.


    1. Thanks Rach, a few niggles in my back and the usual denial that I can't eat as many dumplings in one sitting but otherwise we are happily counting down the days! How is life with 3?? Can't believe Oscar is 2mths+ now. Have the school holidays been tricky?