Saturday, December 21, 2013

only 4 days till Christm….whaat??

at about the same time every year
i can be heard exclaiming
" the heck did that come around so quickly?!"

but it has and as always
there is a frantic, frazzled fug of 
last minute shopping

the shops only close for one day
but i stockpile food
like there is a famine

we try not to go overboard
when planning the menu
but who am i kidding?

paul likes to make an occasion of present wrapping
the kids are put to bed on time
we fix ourselves a pot of tea and a few slices of pannetone
put on some suitably festive muzak
and wrap away
carefully labelling and embellishing each parcel
before laying them under the tree
imagining the anticipation
and look of the children's faces 
on christmas morning

when all the gifts have been opened
when all our bellies are full
we'll sit down to watch a christmas movie together
drift in and out of sleep
cups of tea
fruit mince pies
maybe a splash in the pool

life is good here
and not just at christmas
we try not to forget that

i wish all of you
a restful christmas with everyone you hold dear;
and the gift of time to be still and enjoy being together

Merry Christmas!

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous photos Es.
    I'm with you on the last minute dash for pressies! How does it arrive so fast???
    Hope you all have a wonderful day. Love and BIG HUGS from us all. Love you all.