Saturday, May 24, 2014

eats, shoots, leaves...

i like to eat and
i love to cook

if i make something that looks any good
i might even take a snap of it
just in case i never make it again
(i have a knack for picking ridiculously time consuming things to make)
which means i might also take the time to make it look a bit restaurant-y
and looking like its come off one of those posh foodie magazines.

in the messy muddle of motherhood
these passions were silenced

i used to think my interests had to wait
but now i feel differently
if i lose myself and forget those things which drive my creativity
then i am just a shell of who i am


i took a small step towards re-igniting those fires.

thanks to the secret cake club and peggy saas
i went along to a workshop
to show me how to take mouthwatering photos of my culinary creations

i also tried my hand at a spot of cake decorating
not my forte
but i just enjoy having a crack at it
and meeting the lovely megan henry of littlesweet baking at last 

t'was a ruffle cake - three layers of old-school, moist and unctuous chocolate cake
sandwiched between layers of, and smothered in lovely (hers, not mine) ruffles of italian meringue buttercream

i watched megan carefully
confidently creating from the simplest of ingredients
for three hours all i had to think about were piping bags, spatulas, sugar and cake

i was clumsy
i was impatient 
and i was sweating
(because I just wanted to eat the damn thing)
i took a couple of requisite photos - just to prove i did actually do it

all i need to say is that
it was sublime

whats been cooking in YOUR kitchen?

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