Monday, March 12, 2012

Nature's Marvels..

In September last year, my love and I travelled to Margaret River to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. One of the things we wanted to do together, as much a symbolic gesture as for the pleasure for it was to hike a part of the Cape to Cape trail. I wondered if I should bother lugging my camera, as it can be quite a weight when I also had to take a decent bottle of water and a day's worth of snacks. "I might regret it if I don't.." Never a truer word was said. 

During our hike I lamented about the lack of wildflowers to photograph and walked for kilometres snapping at rocks and the sky ( yawn ) before sitting down for a snack and rest. When I looked down to see if there were any interesting insects around, I spied this magical, other-worldly looking bloom. Its about 7-10mm long, so tiny that when I stood up, it appeared quite unremarkable. But look at it - a little Angel looked up at me! Isn't she heavenly?

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