Friday, August 31, 2012

seaside salve...

i've been feeling a little fragile
missing my love
missing his warmth, smell and voice

life's chaos is the same while he is away
but there is no one at the end of the long day 
to work out its kinks and knots with

today i felt drained and in need of some joy
so i decided a visit to the sea was in order


a lovely place far away enough to feel like we are escaping
but close enough to home so its do-able in a couple of hours

we took in the roundhouse
a tunnel underneath led to a beach
fossicking through tumbles of seaweed for cuttlefish bones

watching the waves lap in and out
breathing in the salty fresh air

stumbling across a gallery featuring lovely local art
with two artists in residence painting away while we watched

grumbling tummies led us on to our dinner
familiar smells led us to a nearby chippie where we got our squid rings, chips and 
battered barramundi

more exploring afterwards
climbing pylons on the beach, following old railway tracks
finishing with over-the-top sundaes

the sun had just set
and the rain clouds rolled in before we could find shelter
we ran through the rain
shivering, ducking and weaving
 in the dark through ancient norfolk pines
till we found our way back to the train station

they are tucked up now
warm and dry in their beds
little smiles on their faces
and the sunshine is back in my soul

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  1. Sounds like it was just what you needed. Never mind. . . He'll be home in a week. X X