Friday, August 24, 2012

strings and poetry

there are so many superlatives swirling in my head
about this man that i don't know what to say first

lyrical genius, gifted with strings, the humblest performer, and just a gorgeous creature

it was his music that first inspired me to learn the ukelele
although he plays the guitar
(its much easier for me to learn the uke!)
but the songs I play are all his

i took three friends with me this week to listen to him play
i could barely contain my excitement
when he finally appeared, he worked his magic
charmed the crowd and made us laugh and cry
all at once
it was heavenly

my friends were instantly smitten
(see? its not just me!)

the day before, i took the children to watch him perform for fans under 18
lily is a chip off the old block
she spent the whole time grinning at him from the front row
and afterwards
brought him a note with a big cut-out heart and a declaration
of love for his music

we'd previously had discussions
about whether i should bring my uke for him to sign
he insisted i bring it with me to the grown-up's gig

so i did
felt a bit sheepish
fussed about what I should wear
silly me

after the show 
we were the last to see him
gracious and sweet he was to me
thanking me for my support 
i threw my arms around him and planted a big one on his bearded cheek - 
an uncontrollable impulse!

before signing my uke he started strumming it
unfamiliar with it 
he asked me what to do
and when he began strumming the very first song I ever learned
i was almost in tears

do yourself a favour
look him up -

what is it about the people that we admire
that moves us in such extreme ways?

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