Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Plus One Equals Five...

i have a good excuse to have been away so long. 

the past months have been quite the roller-coaster.

ever since the day of lily's birthday

see, i looked into the mirror and saw that my resolve to eat sensibly over christmas had, quite alarmingly, failed me. 

you know that midriff of mummy tummy i had so proudly gotten rid of during my sugar-abstinence..had returned with a vengeance

still it felt unusual and the next day i decided to investigate further

what i discovered was quite a shock

what i discovered, was that we would be welcoming a new member into our home and our hearts

for now, i am calling it 'nugget'

nugget has overcome pretty significant physical odds to get here

but it would seem that the planets aligned one day...

i am now a third of the way through this journey

my first spring child

nugget at 11 weeks and 6 days

nugget will be our third child

unplanned, but certainly not unwanted

the excitement is building

the big sister and brother are bemused and excited 

sean has been all kisses for the baby

lily fires off ideas for names randomly

i just want to sleep. and sleep. and sleep.



  1. You're back! ...and you are sharing this wonderful news! hooray!

    It sounds like everything is going well. . . except for that exhaustion.

    Take it easy Est.


    1. I KNOW..naughty me for such a big hiatus. Yes, sharing now - actually Lily may as well take an ad in the newspaper, she's broadcasting to the world.
      I am thinking of YOU everyday wondering and hoping ;-) xx