Saturday, October 12, 2013

and now we are FIVE.

after thirty nine weeks of incubation
the dumpling was finally delivered
fresh, plump and scrumptious

after a week of false alarms
the day finally came
the big kids spent the night at their grandparents'
we spent the night feeling nervous and full of anticipation

we made our way to the hospital at 8am
calmly and quietly checked in and nervously waited for our turn

before we knew it
we were in hospital gowns and I was vertical
staring at the huge saucer of light above me in theatre
knowing that my babe was only minutes away from my arms

it was love at first sight

Ivy Tamsin Joyce
3318 grams
52 cms long
Friday 13 September 2013 at 12.23pm

*Ivy's middle name is a feminine form of Thomas, so named to honour Paul's father*

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