Monday, October 21, 2013

whirligig weeks...

ivy has been with us for five weeks now
in that time we survived the school holidays
kind friends dropped off delicious meals
visitors came for cuddles
the big kids spent lots of time with popo and kung kung
ivy spent lots of time in my arms

lets call her cuddly

as with each of my babies
ivy seems to me the most beautiful creature i have ever seen
she is calm
and appears to survive on lots of quality breastmilk
and about five minutes sleep during the day
thank goodness
she makes up for it at night

life as a family of five
has taken some getting used to
but i think we are all finding our feet now


  1. Thinking of you often my dear. Ivy is so beautiful. I see a lot of Sean in her in that top picture. Glad to hear you are finding your feet. It's taking me a long time this time 'round!

    rachel xo

  2. She is the most beautiful creature!! I wish we were coming over sooner to get some of those tiny baby cuddles!!